Beth Fitzgerald DPT and I are getting really excited to start the fall cleanse this year. This is an intentional time for us to take more care in what we are putting into our bodies. It also represents an honoring of the energetics of the season as we slow down, turn inwards and get present.

We’re offering this as a community cleanse because it’s a great opportunity for support. You can choose your level of involvement. We’ll be offering optional Monday meetings at the clinic and an optional Facebook community cleanse support group. If you’d like to follow us for the October 5th to the 26th date, we would totally love that but we know life happens and you may need to modify your participation schedule.

We’re using the Standard Process Purification shakes and supplements because it makes cleansing easy. The program is not strict and allows participants to eat nutritious and filling whole-foods meals for all 21 days while avoiding sugar, caffeine, alcohol, meat, eggs and grains.

As we cleanse through our diet, Beth and I will also be looking at breathing exercises, postural awareness and core integration, as these pull us into the core of who we are and help us to be fully present.

We’d love it if you’d like to join us in this Autumn cleanse, to let-go, tune-in and slow down while focusing on a seasonal, plant-based diet for 21-days. Beth and I are providing the meetings and online group support at no cost. We will provide you with recipes and resources during the whole journey to help you with your meal planning.