Two nights ago, I woke up from a dream with a sort of mantra in my head.

Time is a force, not a dimension.
Remember this.
Remember this.

In my dream, I was divine. So were you. So was everyone; Everything. And tendrils of the light that we were snuck up into the fingers of a big glove of humanity. I came into a body like a digit comes into a finger puppet. I saw myself and you there. We waved at each other with our eyes, knowing the whole time that we were connected, completely, underneath it all. We acted out a play within a stage of atoms and molecules, a wave of light, a vacuum of space, a force of time moving us. We were in these bodies and all bodies at once. We were the whole Earth as equally as we were our self. We were the blade of grass, the sand, the ice and everything else that we found beneath our feet. We were experiencing all of the world with the innocence of children. 

At first, I thought there were many dimensions, more than I saw in my un-dreaming life. I asked about time. Time is a force, not a dimension. Don't get confused girl!

Curiouser and curiouser

Forces act on us. Dimensions are used to pinpoint our location. We certainly use time as a dimension to find our location. It would only be a force if it could help us get somewhere. In my whacky dream, it did. We rode on time. It was a carriage that took us into an experience that we wanted to have. It was a reminder to me of how unique this life is, how grateful I am to be here and how very weird and fun it all is. 

I love spending a night in Wonderland with all of you. Here's to more of that in this Year of the Monkey.