Using Health Insurance for Acupuncture:

Please use this form to call your health insurance and understand your benefits, since you are responsible for any amounts not covered by the plan you have agreed to.

We currently accept most major health insurance plans (whether we are in-network or out-of-network): Motor Vehicle Insurance/Personal Injury Protection, Workers Compensation, Pacific Source, Providence, Regence BSBC and Triwest Healthcare Alliance. We accept Aetna (OON) and Cigna (OON) as out-of-network providers. We may accept other insurances not listed here, please email us to verify.

Your insurance benefit may cover “acupuncture,” which is the insertion of needles, at a certain yearly limit (either a dollar amount of number of visits.) Your deductible may or may not apply to this acupuncture benefit.

Please know that under your “acupuncture” benefit, your specific insurance company may or may not cover the evaluation and management of your case, the manual therapies or infrared therapies that we provide at our clinic (and within our scope of practice as acupuncturists.) You may be liable to pay additional copayments, coinsurances or deductibles for these services. We will not modify our services to fit into specific insurance plans. We provide excellent care and will continue to do what we know works best. 

We will do our best to try and understand your insurance policy and what it is likely to pay, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to speak with your insurance company and know what your benefits are. In the end, you are the one required to pay all copayments, coinsurances and deductibles that you have contracted with your insurance membership. We are legally required to collect these payments from you, or it puts our clinic and ability to practice our medicine in legal danger.

Our fee schedule is based on the Oregon Worker’s Compensation fees and you can find that information in this pdf.

Acupuncture Health Network:

We recommend that patients become members of the Acupuncture Health Network. We are contracted providers with this national network, that allows you to use our reduced rates for services. It often saves you more than the expense of adding acupuncture benefits onto your plan. It’s different than regular health insurance in that an AHN membership allows you to come for Chinese medicine services for any condition, including maintenance, prevention and wellness care. There are no pre-authorizations required.

The reason we can charge AHN members a lower fee because we do not have to pay huge amounts of the cost of treatment out to a billing agency to deal with health insurance bureaucracy, lose money on unpaid claims, spend hours of our time begging for pre-authorizations and more. If you have questions about this, please email us or contact Acupuncture Health Network for more information. You can use your AHN plan for discounted rates at all Chinese medicine clinics who are contracted with them.