• Thanks for your help. I hope you could do that for some other kid who needs your help and I hope you do it again for me if I need it. I love you and want to give you a big hug and a kiss.
    — -Beatrice H. (5 years old)
  • Bex has an amazing personality that puts you at ease. She is exceptionally knowledgeable in her field and always goes above and beyond in her treatments. She takes the time to educate you and allows you to understand your body in new ways. There is an incredible level of skill and understanding that I have never seen in an acupuncturist before. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance and healing.
    — Ashly L.
  • I have relied on Bex for my healthcare needs for over 10 years. She has helped me heal from a wide variety of aliments; everything from emotional issues to broken bones to everyday health. I trust her health advice above anyone else. When it comes to health and healing Bex has a true gift.
    — Ananda O.
  • Consulting Bex was the best thing I could have done for myself. I have worked with many naturopaths who had recommended diet changes but they were never any help when it came to guiding me through the challenge of changing lifelong food habits. When I had to make diet changes for my health this time I consulted Bex. She gave me thorough guidance, meal plans and resources looking at my particular challenges of being a mother of three and a student to where I was excited to make these changes and have been successful. I will always be grateful to her.
    — Rebecca Y.
  • Bex offered her expertise and services to me throughout my first pregnancy and after my daughter was born. She always made herself available to answer my questions and to help resolve any concerns that came up. Bex provided much needed, beneficial insight for me through my post-partum transition. She taught me some amazing energy exercises and also recommended and ordered top quality herbs to help my body heal. The work Bex does extends beyond healing, as she offers friendship, compassion and genuine connection. Thank you Bex!
    — Lindy K.
  • In a one-size-fits-all medical culture, Bex stands out by using the power of critical thinking to deduce answers that might have remained buried otherwise. Her highly personalized acupuncture sessions left me feeling elated and hopeful. Her diet and lifestyle recommendations were thoughtful, easy to follow and once implemented, very helpful! In a perfect world, everyone would have a health care provider with a gift for listening and holistically interpreting like Bex. I cannot recommend her enough.
    — Hannah H.
  • Becky did work in both of my pregnancies. Her care is attentive and thoughtful, and her knowledge is encyclopedic. She’s a wonderful practitioner and I would heartily recommend her practice to anyone.
    — Amanda H.
  • Amazing! Bex is simply amazing! Her acupuncture treatments are right on and leave you relaxed and clear. I highly recommend her for any issue or pain you are working through.
    — Abigail B.
  • Becky is definitely a healer. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind, nurturing and generally wonderful person to work with. I enjoy that she gives me as little or as much information as I want about the process. I highly recommend Becky for any of your acupuncture and health needs!
    — Hilary S.
  • Becky is one of the best holistic healthcare providers I've met that honors the totality of human body, mind, emotion, and spirit. She's well read, well educated, super skilled, and full of heart. Her work emulates all of that. Plus, she's an amazing mama. Highly recommended!
    — Melanie E.
  • Wonderful, loving, compassionate person, tons of knowledge about everything! I love her healing energy and her healing acupuncture treatments. I highly recommend The Local Healer!
    — Thuy B.
  • I met Bex through my Kung Fu teacher and was brand new to acupuncture. It was nothing short of wonderful. Bex was very thorough, gentle, and compassionate. It was also my first experience with dry cupping. Or cupping at all, rather. It was very gentle, and wonderful. I have nothing but good things to say about Bex and I can't wait to go back for my next session.
    — Kelly C.
  • Bex was referred by my massage therapist and I am so happy she was! I have entered a whole new level of communication with my body thanks to Bex's care, teaching and treatment. It has been very fulfilling, and I am nothing but delighted with our work and my healing. I have had the distinct pleasure of referring people to her multiple times already and it has only been a month now that I have been at this. Wonderful experience all around.
    — Stacey T.
  • The clinic is modest on the outside, simple and serene on the inside. I enter disconnected from my body and my mind and I always leave feeling rested, grounded and whole again. Bex has a beautiful way about her; she is thoughtful, easy going and has a wonderful sense of humor. Bex gives you just the right amount information and background so that you understand the what's happening and she knows just when to let the conversation wane so that you can drift into blissful acculand:) I would recommend Bex to anyone looking for long term health solutions!
    — Hilary S.