I don't have time to meditate. So I'm meditating.

I don't have time to write. So I'm writing.

I don't have time to cook or play with my children. And, there is no time to garden or knit. So I do all of these things. I do them right now. I do them today, because they must be done every day.

The work of the soul bubbles up through the spaces in my very important to-do list. It's not as loud as what's recorded on this bulleted line up. It's not as driven. It's not as "successful" and it doesn't make me money. Right away.

I've learned that the voice of the soul gets louder when I listen. It disappears when I don't. It lives in the heart and dictates the cadence of it's beat. It underlines the rhythm within which I march through life. It helps me progress forward in light and love, with connection to the divine self and in communion with other human beings. 

My brain, my intellect, is at it's best self when it's doing work for my Heart. I know when this happens because my mind is calm. My mind is a braided intersection of intellect, intuition and imagination, all governed by the desires of my deep, connected Soul.

Today, I do my work in love and with the intention of being completely united throughout my being. 

Today, I am grateful for all of my teachers, my children included. The sincere passing on of knowledge helps me tread here, sometimes it has even helped me swim long distances. It's allowed me to experience life from blindingly beautiful perspectives and it's opened my ability to better listen.