Breakfast this morning was a slightly chalky roasted pumpkin shake and seven Standard Process cleanse capsules. Different.

My husband had his shake early and jetted out with my older son to school. I pulled my eyes open and got up to see my toddler on the couch. He woke at 2am this morning with an ear ache and my partner and I took turns gently massaging essential oils over his neck to drain the lymphatics, putting garlic mullein oil in his ears and giving him sips of water with internal Chinese herbs to prevent any infection: chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, white peony root, angelica, licorice and a cousin of Oregon Grape have already turned this around in just a few hours.

I feel exhausted, running on four hours of sleep. I think about some green tea, but it's not within the parameters of the cleanse. Instead, I make the shake and cleanup the bowls of oatmeal from the kids' breakfast. I start the hot water for some chicory root and reishi tea. I note to myself how blessed I am to have this yummy mushroom drink as an option.

Today is my day off and we're planting the winter garden. My guy prepared the beds yesterday and they look fantastic. They are more than ready for some baby kale starts. Our chickens cluck around, fertilizing the soil and eating any spider that's unfortunate enough to catch their eye. The air is crisp and the sun warms my bare toes in the grass.

It's lentil soup for lunch and lentil soup for dinner. I'm missing Auntie Krishna Shova, our beautiful host from Nepal. Her lentil soup was the best, poured over rice with curried cauliflower and steamed mushroom greens. Yum. And not so far off from what's okay on this cleanse. I know my kids will eat it: Score.

I'm tired, but I'm so very grateful for the soil in my yard, the bounty of vegetables in my fridge, a healthy family and the herbs that help us all to get there. I'm pretty sure there's even a chance for a nap today.

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